Noida Dialogue

An initiative of Democratic Outreach for Social Transformation, DOST

J. S. Rajput

J. S. Rajput | Hr Prof.  J.S. Rajput is resident of  Noida-Greater Noida region since last 9 years .He identifies the region for its unique town planning and greenery. As someone who is a strong advocate of quality education and efficient administration, Prof. Rajput elicits his vision for Noida for the year 2030 as under:

  1. Efficient Administration: Futuristic Noida cannot be envisaged without an equipped, committed and agile administration. With the growing influx of new population there is an urgent need for local administration & development authorities to operate collaboratively with unorganized sector (hawkers ,  street vendors) . The objective should be to ensure that unorganized sector co-exist with the prospective new residents of this region, without any compromise with the bare minimum societal essentials like clean public parks, adequate parking space, un-encroached roads & pathways. In the same spirit, Prof. Rajput is also keen to see easy access to healthcare services for all, with focus on children of migrant workers population.
  2. Quality Education: Any urban growth is a magnet for new job opportunities (organized sector and unorganized sector) and attracts migrant working class - Noida –Greater Noida is not an exception. It is important to appreciate the fact that migrant workers, especially those who cater to unorganized sector, move along with their families. It is imperative that the concerned authorities and public bodies, consider the ‘right to education’ for the children of above mentioned families, in their respective vision documents for Noida. Right to education could be eased out exploring some innovative ideas like free & secure transport facilities to Government Schools (to encourage parents for better future for their children).
Prof. Rajput also propose a more evolved Government School-Public partnership model where self-less volunteers, hailing from diverse & distinguished background (retired public servants, army-men, educationalists etc) could mentor the government schools and support the education ecosystem of Noida in 2030.