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10 Noida malls fined for littering, letting out waste water

June 22, 2019

NOIDA: The Noida Authority penalised 10 malls in the city on Friday for littering and discharging their untreated waste directly into the drain. The water from the Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) installed at these sites was also checked and Rs 50 lakh penalty was imposed on them.

According to the order passed by the CEO of Noida Authority, the fine amount will be doubled if not paid within 24 hours. The Authority has imposed over Rs 65 lakh penalty in two days against institutions for not following waste management rules.

“We found that their drainage was choked and the STPs were not functioning properly. Due to this, the untreated waste water was being dumped in drains. Following instructions from the Authority, our team inspected several large institutions and malls. Industries will also be checked now,” said Omendra Srivastava, a consultant with the Noida Authority.

Apart from this, some stores were also found using polythene bags and littering on roads as dustbins were not provided at public places where required.

The move comes after the UP solid waste management monitoring committee chairperson, justice (retired) D P Singh, visited the city last week. He said that waste along the roads was a common sight in Noida and the Authority will be penalised if these are not cleared by June 30. The committee also reported that untreated waste was being dumped in drains by institutions across the city.


Source : The Times of India