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Work starts for Sector 71 underpass in Noida

July 19, 2019

NOIDA: Work on the much-awaited Sector 71 underpass started on Thursday after the project got clearance from traffic police.

Officials said that while the contract is for 18 months, the work will be completed within a year. The underpass is expected to bring relief to those travelling from Noida Extension towards Noida City Centre and going further towards Delhi. It is also likely to help those travelling from Delhi towards Noida using the expressway or metro’s Blue line.

“We will try to finish the work within about eight months to a year from now so that there is minimal disturbance to traffic. The contractors have assured that the work will be finished at the earliest. Machinery and equipment for the work have been procured and were brought to the site about a week ago. We had just been waiting for traffic clearance,” said K K Aggarwal, the general manager, Noida Authority.

Sector 71 intersection sees heavy traffic on all four sides – high density 7x sectors on one side, traffic from Noida extension and Greater Noida areas on the other, City Centre and other metro stations on the third side and industrial areas like sectors 62 and 63 on one side. According to the traffic police, the intersection sees about 10,000 vehicles daily during the peak hours.

The 750m-long underpass would be made across the intersection from the Noida extension side towards Noida City Centre. It will be a six lane stretch and is being built at a cost of Rs 56 crore.


Source : The Times of India