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UP govt announces Rs 900 per month for stray cattle upkeep, cow breeders unimpressed

August 10, 2019

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced a grant of Rs.900 per month for the upkeep of a stray cow to individuals who look after any such animal. The government feels that the announcement will help end the traffic menace caused by stray cattle roaming freely on roads, besides their proper care.

Noida has two cow shelters and Greater Noida has one, which are inadequate to take care of stray cattle in the district.

However, those engaged in running the cow shelters said that the monthly grant of Rs.900 is not enough to feed a cow.

“There are around 1,200 cows at our Sector 94 shelter, and around 600 animals at Sector 135 shelter. We are spending around Rs.2,100 monthly on one animal because of the high cost of fodder. So, the grant of Rs.900 a month will not be able to attract a farmer or any individual to adopt a stray cow, as the funds are inadequate. The government must come up with sustainable schemes so that people start adopting cows,” said NK Aggarwal, president of Shree Jee Gausadan Trust. The trust is responsible for the maintenance of both the cow shelters in Noida.

Aggarwal also said that the shelters need expansion because the two facilities are full to capacity.

The state government wants farmers, dairy farmers or common people to adopt cows from the existing shelters and take the animals home.

“In the beginning, one lakh cattle will be offered for adoption to interested individuals. The state will pay funds via bank account to individuals or societies for the upkeep and nutrition of the animals. The local officials will monitor the task,” said a UP government official, requesting anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to media.

The Noida authority said that the new scheme can play a role in dealing with stray cattle menace.

“The Noida authority is providing fodder to Sector 135 cow shelter, which was opened recently, and helping the trust that runs it. We do not have land for any new shelter as of now,” said Vijay Rawal, project engineer of the authority.

Many areas of the city, including sectors 3, 6, 7, 8, 75, 121 and 137, witness traffic congestion as the stray cattle roam on the roads.

“Harola road is full of stray cattle. Most of the times it not only causes traffic congestion but also puts the lives of pedestrians and bikers at risk. We hope this scheme will solve stray cattle issue,” said Prem Singh Chauhan, a Sector 61 resident.


Source : Hidustan Times