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Good news for Noida Residents: Authorities ordered to speed up parking projects

July 22, 2019

Noida, which is one of the fastest-growing cities in the National Capital Region is suffering from a major problem which is common to any metropolitan city in India, car parking. We often see cars parked haphazardly on city streets, obstructing the smooth flow of traffic due to the lack of proper parking infrastructure at many commercial spaces across the city. In a recent meeting of the Civil and the Electrical department, Ritu Maheshwari, CEO Noida Authority, expressing concern over the lack of cooperation within the department, asked the official to speed-up parking projects across the city in order to put an end to traffic problems.

Maheshwari told the officials that the work on the multi-level car parking being built in sector 5 and 38A (Botanical Garden), should be finished by August 31st. On the other hand, the parking structures being constructed in sector 1, 2 and 16A should be over by November 30. Not only this, but she also warned any delay in the completion of these projects is going to result in serious action being taken against the officials as well as the contractors involved.

Furthermore, in order to make Noida streets better lit in the dark, Maheshwari ordered that the 10,000 conventional bulbs on the street lights be replaced with LED bulbs by August 10. In addition to this, she also ordered that there should be proper maintenance of the existing 16,000 LED bulbs. LED bulbs, not only consume less electricity in comparison to the conventional ones but offer better illumination which helps motorists to detect any impending obstacle on the road.


Source : Financial Express