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Greater Noida authority will appoint NGOs for solid waste management

August 2, 2019

Greater Noida: Now NGOs will assist Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) in solid waste redressal and management system in order to keep the city clean. Officials said that two NGOs will be selected which will create awareness among people on solid waste management.

“The authority is following the rules under Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM), 2016 under which the two NGOs will be tasked to create public awareness on solid waste management. The city will be divided

into two divisions where the NGO will aware people on waste management, following guidelines set for solid waste management in the city and educating them towards making the city open defecation free,” said a senior GNIDA officer.

The officer further said that these NGOs will also teach them over the adverse effects of using plastic and how to decompose plastic waste.

Meanwhile, the authority also set guidelines for all establishments generating more than 100kg of waste per day and they will have to compulsory compost their waste within their premises.

“The authority had earlier set a deadline of 30th July for commercial bulk generators while for residential societies, the deadline was set for 15th August. As the deadline for commercial bulk generators have passed, the authority will conduct an inspection at their sites and will take actions accordingly if they are not found adhering to the set guidelines,” the officer added.


Source : Millennium Post