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Noida will take 2 months to clear roadside trash

July 10, 2019

NOIDA: The Noida Authority has missed its June 30 deadline set by the UP solid waste monitoring committee to clear all garbage dumped from roadsides and provide dustbins at these spots. Officials said it will take two more months to clean the garbage from all spots.

During its inspection on June 13, the committee chairperson, Justice (retired) D P Singh, had ordered that there were several spots in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad where waste was dumped along the roads and that the authorities should get them cleared by June 30.Following the direction, the Authority had identified over 400 ‘garbage vulnerable’ locations that were used as unauthorised dumping spots across the city. The officials are getting the areas cleaned and putting up signage mentioning that a penalty will be imposed if anyone is found dumping waste. However, just 40 of the 400 sites have been cleaned so far while the entire process is expected to take another two months.

Officials said that people have now got used to throwing garbage at these points and keep coming back to use them, making it difficult to clean these in one go.

“It is not an easy job as all these spots are spread across the city and repeatedly get dirty. We are continuing the cleaning process and flying squads are also monitoring the violators. However, getting all these spots cleaned will take another two months,” said S C Mishra, senior manager at the Noida Authority.

The dustbins have also been installed only at a few locations, mainly including market areas and sectors. Officials said the dustbins will soon be kept near these garbage vulnerable spots too.

Noida generates about 700 metric tonnes of waste daily, most of which is mixed wet and dry waste at these 400 points. There are 263 official points and 30 collection centres from where waste is collected by the Authority. With a drive aimed at ensuring waste segregation at source, the Authority is trying to reduce these collection centres to 19 in the entire city from where only dry waste will be collected. The wet waste is expected to be recycled by the sector residents within the sector area.


Source : The Times of India