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Plantation, rallies and seminars mark World Environment Day in Noida

June 6, 2019

NOIDA/GREATER NOIDA: A plantation drive was undertaken by the residents of Noida and a human chain was formed as a show of solidarity for green environs on the occasion of World Environment Day here.

The Noida Authority also distributed eco planters made from cow dung and planted trees/saplings along with participant residents across many sectors, including 35, 36, 50, 134, Noida stadium sector 21 etc.

The Authority also set a deadline to develop sector 91 wetlands before monsoon begins with measures such as preparing rain water harvesting pits, STP water for parks, green belts and dust free zones. “Ecological restoration of wetlands not only involves widening the channels for enhancing water storage capacity, but also involves bringing back the native flora of the region especially grasses and aquatic vegetation which play a major role in filtering various water pollutants” said Bhuvan Chopra, an environmentalist working with the authority for restoration of the wetland.

In coming days, plans are to reintroduce the whole community of various plant species. This will be instrumental in bringing the animal species found in this area. Already, 25 species of wetland birds are observed visiting this area which will eventually increase once this area is converted into fully functional wetland ecosystem.
Authority is working towards nature-centric initiatives to be implemented in the city. Under one of its initiatives, the Authority is ecologically restoring a 12 acres wetland located in Sector-91 adjacent to Sector-137 Metro Station, said Rajeev Tyagi, general manager Noida Authority.

According to Omendra Srivastava, consultant for Noida Authority’s Swachh Bharat drive, 108 trees were planted with the help of NGO and horticulture department in Noida stadium, sector 36 and 134. The trees included banyan, neem, peepal, Champa etc.

In Greater Noida while residents took a pledge to keep their surroundings green in sector Beta 1, district magistrate BN Singh directed celebration of world environment day where district forest officer PK Shrivastav and his team carried out awareness rallies in Bilaspur and Surajpur areas of Greater Noida and held plantation drives. Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh, chief development officer Anil Kumar Singh and other officials participated in the drive.

Source : The Times of India